Our videography team works seamless with our photography team.  Hiring a video team that does not work with the photography team is a huge mistake.  Just ask us to send you examples of what you don't want to happen with your videography coverage.  Each videography team is 2 camera and 2 operators.  Your wedding is fluid.  It should look that way.  

    (If you experience issues with the videos above on mobile devices, please try again on a home computer or laptop.  It's high data usage for mobile devices and your carrier can often put a limit on what is shown to you.  So if you see nothing, use a PC/MAC.) or take these direct links...  Lucy and Kali

    You will get a highlight reel like this above.  All unused footage will be provided to you, as long as you provide a 500gb portable ard drive. Why no DVDs?  Imagine all those people from 20 years ago trying to watch their wedding on a videotape... Do you even know what a VCR is?  Well DVD will eventually disappear as well.  So giving you the actual digital HD files will allow you to watch this over and over with no wear, no scratches and no chance of being obsolete.  View our pricing under our INVESTMENT tab.