You have quesitons?


Below you will find answers to very common questions.


How long have you been working as a photographer?


Tom has been a full time photographer since 2003.  The rest of our team are all full time photogrpahers as well and have no less than 8 years of wedding experience.



How is the best way to contact us?
By email at  By phone or text at 714-394-4263



Why are your reprint prices so low compared to other photographers?
The work is already done.  We cover our costs to produce them for you and your friends and family.  If you want to pay more just let us know.  We only use Fuji or Kodak E series paper and higher end metal oxide prints.  We do not use the lower end papers that you will see at many  online companies and some larger retailers.  All photo orders are also hand set for cropping, color correction etc at NO extra charge, including other digital effects or alterations.  Get 20% off by using the code LOVEIT at checkout.




Are you the photographer that we will get or are you going to send some rooky to our wedding?
It’s me!  I have only missed one event due to being hospitalized but, I have other full time photographers, Karen Cohen, Tiffany Kyees, Kaiti Brainerd, Cindy Liang and Qi Wong on our team, they are also EXCEPTIONAL photographers and  can be booked as your primary and secondary photographers as well.




What do you take for payments?
We accept cash and checks at this time. Credit card payments can be made below for deposits only.  We can also accept paypal if necessary or simply consider sending us a bank transfer to like  Wells Fargo SurePay, among others.  
Make a payment via Paypal




Has your work ever been published?
Yes, several times.  An event I shot had images used in the NY Times in 2006.  I have also had work used in a few company brochures,  and newsletters as well.  I’ve done post cards for hotels in Hawaii.  My work has also been in non-print places like web sites for radio stations like EIB network’s Rush Limbaugh and Clear Channel. - thanks Laura!  Most recently I did work for an author for their book and my photography is also shown on the LA Dodgers Website.  I’ve photographed work that has been used in Gelson’s Markets and WAMU (now Chase) and have been chosen to provide the Renaissance Faire in the past for press and event coverage.  I was also very humbled to be able to provide Make a Wish Foundation coverage for a very special boy who has now very sadly lost his fight with cancer.




What is the typical process for...?
For booking:  I'd say at least 80% of our clients don't meet with us before booking now.  Busy schedules, distances and other obstacles are common.  If you are more than 50 miles away from us we ask that you meet us half way.  We find that a simple phone call or a FaceTime Call are more than adequate.
For signing a contract and providing deposit:  We use a company called Cudasign to send you an electronic pdf that you can compelete and sign and it sends us back a copy and one for you too.  Save's time, trees and stamps.  Deposits can be made via check, the address is on the contract, or charge it ( we will add 3% to the amount charge to cover fees from credit card companies), bank transfer like SurePay by Wells Fargo. Your bank has a way to send money just by sending it to an email ( and it will transfer to our account.  We also accept Paypal, please make sure you send it like it's a fund transfer to family or friends or relatives and not like it's a goods purchase.  This stops the fee of 3%.
For seeing your pics for the first time:  We often bring our iPad and show you images right off our camera at your reception.  That's fast!  We also post to FB within hours or a day at most and use your FB account, please follow us by "like"ing our FB page of LAdigitalPhoto.  We will send 30-40 images to your account to share with friends and family.  
For seeing edited images on line: Editing of your images can take between 2 days for smaller weddings and up to a week or a month at most (although last year we were busier than ever and we hit a 3 month backlog.)  The industry average is 6 months.  We have never ever been that late.  Once editing is done we will post them on the on line gallery at  Once you okay the images we will send out your USB drive or provide a digitial download link (commonly used for real estate shoots and engagement sessions).  PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN YOU MOVE!  So many couples move once married.  We don't know this unless you tell us and your USB drive and wedding album is headed to your old address if you don't.
For picking out the images for your albums:  This usually takes place after you receive your USB thumb drive. We want you to pick from the finalized images.  You can certainly also use your on line gallery and make a favorites list there for us to see, and then send us a reminder it's there.  We will often pick other images for the back page of your designs.  You can let us know once the album is designed if you like it, love it or want a change.  We ask that you keep 3 redesigns as the max or it just becomes a very long drawn out process.  Most albums are designed within a week or so of getting your list of chosen images.  Once you okay the album it can take 2-3 weeks to get it back from the pinter/binder of the album.  We will ship it directly to you if you are more than 50 miles from us.  If you are under that, we like to hand delivery the albums,  but are happy to ship directly if you are tired of seeing us... :0
For ordering photos:  This is easy.  Your gallery page has been set up already so you can order directly there or you can use your USB drive and take it anywhere you want to have the images printed.




What do you shoot with?
All of us use Canon full frame cameras ranging from the Canon 5d Mark II, Mark III, 6d, 7d  and 7d Mark II. Tiffany shoots with Nikon.