It’s been a long time since I have seen something really new and different in the 11 years as a professional photographer. But this takes the cake. Imagine, you have your photographer at your wedding and maybe he has a second photographer there as well. Sure the wedding day is all about you, but there is a lot going on often you miss and would have never otherwise known about, and that’s where Wedit comes in. You can rent 5 iPod touches for $500. You get to keep them for a week. Just hand them out on your wedding day to 5 people and you will have 1000’s of shots and enough video of your wedding day you might just spend a life time watching it and never have to repeat a single moment. The camera’s are 8mp lenses and HD video to boot. Not bad and certainly great for sharing on your FB and other social media sights.

Or just invite all your professional photographer friends and let us go crazy!

Updated information : April 14, 2016. is not under $400 but is apparently so busy they are not renting out anything. Odd!

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