Engagement Session Location Ideas: Beaches

When it comes to getting married, one of the most stressful portions of it is the engagement session. What do you do? How do you dress? We are not very photogenic. And lastly, where do you go to shoot it?

I hope this will help you all with being able to get an idea of where to go based on the look you want from this session. I pride myself at being very flexible with my couples on their time. Many have needed an extra hour here or there to get across LA traffic or we decide to go for a little adventure and it takes longer. No worrries, I am here to help.

Location, location, location. Normally this applies to where you put your business. But it's my business to help you get what you want from your engagement or save the date locaiton(s). I will write up some things to consider here and locations to think about, but I will also invite you to go to our gallery page and simply take the engagement link to see over 30 recent engagement sessions.

The Beach: One of the most common locations. Place to consider - Balboa Beach.

Natalie and Ryan are a great couple. Anything seemed to go with them and a few times I pushed the limits and they took it in stride. Natalie's mom had given us a location to shoot at. Some dinky park in Huntington Beach. So we decided to scrap that and head to Balboa instead. But first we took some "joke" shots for her mom to think I was crazy. We did photos with trash cans and orange cones behind them and even some in the public bathroom. I called it a Coachella moment. Honestly, it got a bit off track, but we had a great time. After, we went to Balboa. They had some hotgogs and then we were off. They almost got taken out by a wave on the sand wall because of a pending storm coming but I think I really caught them for all their silliness. Highlight? It had to be the fun they had at the laundromat there. You have to go see it.


Natalie and Ryan Engagement

Other locations to consider at the beach -

Table Rock, near Laguna Beach and Laguna Beach for that matter.

Rachel and David Engagement


El Capitan Beach

Sarah and Matt Engagement


Zuma Beach

There are countless options including but not limited to Santa Monica Pier, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Pismo Beach, La Jolla and Coronado.

Next Up: The Engagement Location - Disney Music Concert Hall, LADWP, and Grant Park, all in downtown LA and when to shoot!

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